Florida National Veterans Cemetery Burial with Same Day Visitation $4995


  • Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Embalming and other care of deceased
  • Equipment and staff for funeral service at funeral home chapel or service elsewhere
  • Removal from Home or Hospital (within 30 mile radius)
  • Funeral Coach to Florida National Cemetery
  • 20 Gauge Apollo Silver Casket (with US Flag Panel)
  • Basic memorial package (register book, memorial folders and acknowledgement cards)
  • CD recording of funeral home service
  • Organist or electronic music for funeral home service
  • Tribute Video
  • Filing of Death Certificate at Citrus County Courthouse

Effective November 1, 2015

Prices subject to change without notice

Additional merchandise and services required or available:

  • Family Limousine
  • Certified copies of death certificate
  • Paid funeral notices 
  • Honorarium to clergy and/or musicians
  • Flowers