Funeral Celebrants

Celebrants and Personalized Funerals

Every life tells a story. Our certified funeral celebrants can let your loved one's funeral service tell theirs. 

Funeral celebrants specialize in creating a funeral ceremony experience that uniquely expresses the personality, lifestyle and interests of the person it honors. By working closely with you and asking insightful questions, the celebrant discovers your loved one through the stories you share. 

He or she can then design a fitting funeral service that incorporates your loved one's interests or legacy through special and creative details. A personal eulogy, the perfect venue, thematic decorations, a special song or thoughtful keepsakes all may be part of a memorable funeral service planned and provided by a funeral celebrant. 

Certified celebrants can serve in place of or in addition to traditional clergy. They can officiate the ceremony at the funeral home, cemetery or other location of your choice. Regardless of your family's religious affiliation, culture or heritage, our celebrants design services that tell beautiful stories. 

For more information or to work with one of our certified celebrants, ask your funeral director. We are proud to have two certified celebrants on staff.